Welcome to Fireproof. We are a ministry devoted to helping people break free from secret struggles that weigh them down with tons of guilt and shame. We desire for people to live strong and healthy lives, have vibrant and strong marriages, and not stay quiet on challenging issues when raising our kids like so many in our parents’ generation did. We started in 1998 doing youth ministry; since then we’ve grown up and so has our audience.

We have a few different web properties that feature different products and services, but all of them are aimed at helping people discover a life that is emotionally healthy and spiritually rich.

XXXchurch.com is the largest site online dealing with the secret struggles of pornography. Our website has over 14,000 pages of content to teach and encourage visitors, and we now offer our accountability software X3watch to over 1 million people, all with the goal to help them tell a better story with their lives. We also offer two signature workshop series with this ministry: My Pilgrimage, which is for men who are struggling with sexual sin, and Recover, a place where women can find healing from sexual betrayal. We also strongly believe that Jesus loves the people who work in the sex industry, so we created an ever-growing network of local ministries to reach out to them called The Strip Church Network. Through Strip Church, we train people to care for those in their community and then give them resources to carry out that mission.

We know the things you play with in high school will play with you as an adult both in your marriage and family, so our goal is to give people tools to leave those things behind—especially because so many people haven’t. And since we know it takes more than Christian radio and cheery Facebook posts, we created StrongerMarriages.com as a resource of information and inspiration to help husbands and wives thrive in their marriages. We also realize that some people need more than just information, so we have our signature workshop for couples in crisis or individuals who feel disconnected or all alone in their marriage. This workshop is called Fighting For My Marriage.

You graduate with a degree, move out on your own (hopefully!), get married, and then have kids, so we’ve added our voice to help parents navigate the difficult decisions that come from today’s tech-savvy children. Raising kids is tough; tech doesn’t have to be. Most parents are living in a day and age where their kids know more about gadgets, social media, and technology than they do, and that will get your kids in worse trouble then you ever were in. This is why we developed iParent.tv, a website to help parents make informed decisions about all these things, along with our signature workshop online, Touchy Subjects. This workshop comes with a companion book that gives solid, grounded advice on how parents can talk with their kids about sex, tech, and social media.

We are online and all our sites get over a million visitors a month, but even with those big numbers, we still realize that small is the new big. Reading a blog or watching an online video workshop all by oneself can be informative but may not lead to permanent change. And some people might not ever finish what they started! This is why all our video workshops come paired with what we call Small Groups Online. If we were a regular church, we would have a big service on Sunday and a bunch of small groups that met during the week. This is the same idea: our websites are the big service, while every day of the week we have small groups that involve up to 10 people and one of our trained leaders. From the topics you see above, you can see that we deal with a number of things and the groups correspond with the products and offerings that we have.

Thanks for checking out our site and let us know if you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else we can help you with. We have a great new support site that will respond to you in less than 24 hours, which is not as fast as Kirk Cameron’s fireman in Fireproof, but we do what we can.

Thanks for stopping by,