Ministry Projects

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with our team to develop a talk / experience specifically devoted to this topic of resentment. With their help, and the collaborative efforts of a church community that has supported this ministry and offered to be our “set location”, the plan is to film and create a free “product” that can easily be distributed to thousands of churches throughout the world (and available to millions of people, individually), who want to pull the weeds.

Practically, this is going to look like a thirty-minute message given by myself and two artist friends – one a poet, and one a songwriter – with beautiful pieces specific not only to resentment, but to reconciliation. We’ll be filming the message during the course of three weekend church services this coming August, and inviting members back for a special, two-hour Sunday night presentation, where we – alongside a panel of Christian psychiatrists, therapists and experts – will discuss what resentment is, why we struggle with it so deeply, and how we can possibly hope to move beyond it and into healthy and reconciled relationships with one another. This “extra” evening event will then become available for free download to anyone and everyone who wants it. We have secured the domain name and plan to build out a few interactive pieces on that website as well.


Personally, I’m excited about the prospect of what we’ll be able to accomplish from this new starting point. We have always devoted our resources to serving people caught up in pornography and sexual sin. While the ultimate goal – for our audience – will be to soften hearts in preparation for eventually being able to address those issues, specifically, I believe that pulling back even further will open up new opportunities that have never been available to us before, due to the “taboo” nature of our calling as a ministry.


Discussing resentment is certainly applicable to the couples who – in relation to Recover – are blinded by it, but we believe that it is farther-reaching than that, and has the potential to minister to anyone, regardless of their reasoning for harboring it.


In a digital age of constant comparisons, who doesn’t struggle with resentment on some level – whether against others, or against oneself? Perhaps – taking our cues from the question posed during My Pilgrimage – resentment is even the cut that many of us are trying numb through pornography, which we well know manifests itself cyclically. Resentment of self leads to pornography use leads to more self-hatred, and around we go.